1/9/04 Lighthouses


The Daily Review


Lighthouses are pretty cool, but not very funny.  What can I say about a lighthouse that will amuse you.  Nothing really.  The lighthouses that are in the middle of the ocean are pretty rad.  There are some pretty gnarley pictures of those lighthouses with some huge ass waves crashing up on it.  I remember seeing a picture where there is some dude chilling up in the lighthouse while these huge waves are crashing right next to him.  I guess when you're a lighthouse operator you go crazy and you'll do anything for a little entertainment. That would be a pretty cool job, being a lighthouse operator.  Just hang out in a lighthouse by yourself for a hella long time.  I would go nuts.  Do you get paid, or do they pay for living expenses?  If it was just for living expenses count me out.  It's all about the lootcakes.