New Years Day Disaster

Cool Stories


After having a kick ass New Years intro, the tables quickly turned.  Most of the day I slept on "Day One", and I went to the Skatepark to get my skate on.  Within the first ten minutes of skating I somehow managed to knock my ass out.  I was just warming up doing the normal routine, riding around and doing some dope grinds*.  Ben whipped out a fresh stick of Ledge Butt'a, which is the most deathly wax available, I found this out on my own.  I hit the ledge with a plain old 50-50 grind and I was impressed on how slick it was, so I decided to ante up.  I turned around and went for a frontside crooked grind and after that I don't remember.  All I can remember is laying on the ground trying to get up, which was impossible and hearing Ben say "Don't get up!"  Next thing I knew everybody was around me and Ben saying that I was bleeding.  He had this massive amount of paper towels that he gave me and I didn't know where I was bleeding from, so I didn't know where to apply it.  Then I regained some sort of control and noticed I was bleeding profusely from my eye socket.  Ben then whipped out his video camera and filmed my bleeding skull.  I vaguely remeber previewing the footage and seeing all this blood running down my cheek.  Everyone suggested I go to the Hospital and I declined for I don't have insurance and a cool scar on my face would be cool.  I then sat on the bleachers and tried to get the blood to stop and to get all the blurriness out of my vision.  As I improved I noticed how much blood I got on myself and that there was a lump forming on my shoulder.  I thought it was weird and I was kinda pissed because I hurt my other shoulder the previous night by riding some stairs shoulder first.  I finally decided that I was in decent condition to drive home, that being that I wasn't going to pass out due to brain damage or whatever I got.  I got home safely and watched some TV and noticed my shoulder was getting bigger and bigger, the pain also got bigger and bigger.  I ended up not getting any sleep done due to the throbbing of my shoulder.  I think I got a total of thirty minutes of sleep and when I did wake up from that small amount of sleep, I went in the bathroom and witnessed that half of my face was covered with dried up blood.  It was gross and I cleaned it up with some warm water.  In the morning I went to my Mom's house and she made me go to the hospital.  Seeing that my shoulder filled out my tee shirt sleeve was a good sign that something was messed up, also the fact that I couldn't move it in any direction..  So I went to the hospital and as I walked in I slipped on some ice and hurting the shit out of my arm.  After dealing with their bull they told me I had a hematoma.  If you don't know what a hematoma is, it's a swelling of the blood, or a blood tumor.  So what I was directed to do is wait it out and let the blood drain out.  So it has been a week now and the swelling has gone away, but I have the nastiest looking bruise on my arm. From my shoulder to my elbow is black, purple, or yellow.  Overall it's disgusting, but now I have almost full rotation of my shoulder.  Oh yeah, I also got this cool black eye that makes me look real tough.

* Not so cool