Morgan Pettit


Mo Diggity is the most ridiculous person I know, and that's a bold statement seeing how I know a lot of ridiculous people.  Mo Diggity has his own "mo"cabulary which consists of a lot of words with "mo" in it.  Mo also has a strange passion for the world of Piracy.  I mean I think Pirates are cool and all, but he takes it to a whole new level.  You should see this dude at a Pirate's game.  I went with him once and he got kicked out, probably due to the fact that we were drinking whiskey that night.  Okay, here comes the list of antics he pulled off.  First he was yelling the most inappropriate of things at everything, he threw a cup of mustard at Fournier and missed and hit the back of someone's seat resulting in mustard all over there coat, throwing pizza crust at a bunch of young girls missing and hitting some little kids and then calling the kids little pussies (then one of the kids ate his crust), then he sat behind the away teams fan club and yelled at them until he was escorted back to his seat.  Then the final straw, Mo was told to beat the heat and he ripped his shirt off and swung it over his head and threw it at the young girls which resulted in him being kicked out.