Supercrew Productions- New 3/21/04


Because "Wreckless" and "Collective" were such great sucesses it was decided that another video must be made.  Actually, there was no decision, it's of our nature to make videos.  This "documentary", if you will, is going to focus on each persons personality, or it's going to try.  Alot more work is being done by everyone to make a more thoroughly clean video.  Although "Wreckless" was an entertaining flick, there were many cuts that we now wish wasn't in there.  So because of that we are trying are hardest to get really good and clean footage.

The new video is titled "Oceans".  Why?  I don't actually know, maybe because this video is gonna flow like a mutha- smooth, yet dangerous at the same time.  There's sharks and mad storms out there, but there are also those calm and soothing days that relax your mind and let's you escape.  Hopefully that's what will come out of this movie.

"Oceans" is going to have a lot more new spots, allowing the viewer to get fresh and new exposure of New England.  Maine has been played out for a while now so we are trying are darndest to explore other States to get new footage.  All I can say is that this video is going to be the "feel good movie of the year", and you can quote me on that.