Peter Willhoite

Familiar Faces


I have notice that alot of people give the finger when a picture is taken.  Which I don't blame them for because I do the same.  Sometimes you don't know what to do with your hands, they could be all dangly like a caveman or they could be giving the finger.  Take your pick, I choose middle finger.  Anyway, let's get to Pete.  What's so cool about Pete?  I don't know, he lives in California, which for some reason makes him instantly cool to people.  I'm from Maine and I'm cool.  Well, the California trick is way better than saying you're from Maine.  For example, when Pete was back for the holidays we were hanging out at Bill's Pizza and I grabbed this girls butt to sabotage Pete and she got all pissed off at Pete and then made fun of his shoelace head band or whatever it was made of.  He then made some comment about how he doesn't get shit for it in California, and instantly the girl was all like,"You're from Cali?", and totally forgot that her butt was grabbed.  I wish I had some sweet move to get me out of sticky situations.  Instead, I'll continue to be a jerk until they go away.