Bay Park Double Kegger- SC Story

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This was the first of many partays at the BP house.  The party was held in Seth Aldrich's honor, for his birthday.  In reality it was a SC party.  There was two kegs, thus making it a double kegger, and it got mad messy.  When having a keg, don't keep it inside, our floor was like an inch deep in beer, it messed up everything.  This party was most raging and the cops came several times, I didn't care, I just didn't take any responsibilty for it.  Chad Murillo tried to tell me what to do, this was before he knew me, I told him off and said I lived there.  It was pretty ridiculous.  There was this girl, Mr. Wendell, that shot a water gun at my face so I spit on hers, it was pretty cool.  MD showed up also, everyone knows MD and loves when he shows up.  He pounded like a bottle of Skyy Vodka and funneled a 40, he was all messed up.  He was laying in our driveway rolling around and he either barfed on himself or someone poured shit on him, no one ever really found out.  There was also some dude that was actually green.  I was standing in the doorway and he walked up to me and rested his hands on my chest, I immediately got sickened out and moved out of the way.  His face was all green and he appeared dead as he looked into my eyes.  Then he fell flat on his face in front of my feet, The Mike G. and I laughed at his ass.  The party went mad long and we had a good time, I bet there are more memorable moments but I can't remember, so don't get mad.  Oh Crap, I remember a big part of the evening.  There was this dude named Chief and he was gonna blaze some one.  Yeah, this dude had a gun and was gonna shoot this dudes ass.  It was mad sketchy and we had to get him out without pissing him off and shooting up the place.  It was weird knowing this while everyone was partying and not knowing anything.  No one got shot and we raged on.  Phil tweaked his shit, and wanted to beat his ass.  I just played it cool like I always do, and as I expected it was okay.  What a crazy night.

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