Bowdoin Break Down- SC Story

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This isn't to be confused with the college, this went down in Bowdoin, Me.  One night we went to a pit party and after all the fun was had we left.  I can't remember what had happened at the pit because all the memories there intertwine with each other.  We left the pits and ended up at Heather Cormier's house, no not Joe Cormier the Freeport Middle School gym teacher, but Heather.  She's some young girl and we bombed it out because her parents were out of town.  First we hung out and just relaxed, then we got bored.  I remember looking at her report card on the refridgerator and it was piss poor.  I never understood how someone can let their grades get that bad, maybe I am just smarter than all you dummies that can't pass common High School classes.  As we toured her house we found all these fireworks on top of her television, fun was definetely had.  We shot them off out back and at one point I remember Alden shot one off and it skimmed all of our heads, he aimed to kill.  Luke either was pushed in or voluntarily went in the pool, all I remember is that he swam alone.  I think he was trying to get chicks, I don't think he ever actually brings them home.  Well maybe?  I think he brought Scooby home after we tryed to get her to show her boobies again a couple days later.  That stupid idiot had the nerve to come back to our house later in the week and think she wouldn't have to do it again.  Luke was all smooth and told her she had a nice body.  That is the ultimate of all lies as far as I am concerned.  Actually that after-party wasn't so cool after all, I can't really remember that much about it.  There was something to do with a mug and I put on a really small denim jacket.  Yup, this story sucks, and you just read it all.

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