Bowdoin Bone-anza- SC Story

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As you all know, it is impossible to get into a Bowdoin College party.  Everyone has tried, and the usual result is, " Sorry, you need a Bowdoin ID".  Because we don't have a Bowdoin ID we decided to dress like Bowdoin Kids so we won't get questioned.  We all played dress up at the Bay Park house, we couldn't stop laughing at each other.  Mike looked like he was going to a job interview and I looked like I was a Bowdoin kid dressing down for the weekend, which seemed pretty dressed up to me. 
When we got to the party scene we noticed you could get in through the fire ecape on the top floor.  We skipped the chance of being denied at the door and headed up the stairs.  We bombed in through the door and it was blocked off by a couch, so we just jumped over it.  We got an instant stare down, we just played it off like it was all cool.  This room we were in was mad small and had an extensive amount of people, it was like a can of sardines.  Their keg taps extruded from the wall, it was pretty cool for Bowdoin.  We hung out up there for a while and thought there may be something better down stairs.  As we were going down stairs we were stuck in some traffic and we were all jammed real close to each other.  Some girl asked Mike where the keg or bathroom was, he pointed behind him and poked some girl in the eye, he's so smooth. 
Down stairs was the dance zone, we decided we'll hit it up and show off our moves.  We cut into a lot of dance sessions so we can grind the good looking girls, it was cool though... for us.  There was this real nasty girl dancing, she looks like your typical mutant girl from back in grade school, I was surprised she went to Bowdoin.  She kept trying to dance with all the dudes, she also kept grabbing Jeremy, I laughed at him everytime.  She actually did it to me once too, it wasn't cool.  The party started to die down so we thought we should hit another party.  As we were walking across campus Mike noticed he lost his cell phone, damn drunk kids.  We went back to the party house and the dude wouldn't let us back in, so we had to use force and just bombed through the door.  We asked people if they found a cell phone and we looked around.  This one girl said "Look a cell phone!"  Jeremy just ripped it out of her hands and we bailed, we didn't even know if it was Mike's before we left. 
So we were party bound again, and we found that the "African American House" was holding a party, I don't know what it's called but all of the black people live there.  What did we find, but another dance session.  This time the music was mad ghetto, they were playing like booty music and shit.  The dance scene was held upstairs and the floor felt like it was going to give.  We jammed out for a while and then the "Electric Slide" or "Macarena" started playing, all the fat chicks started doing the dance number and I thought for sure the floor was going to break.  This place was much cooler because the girls were much freakier,  Hojo tryed to get down some girls pants or just feel her butt and he got denied.  Not for Mike G., he challenged me to grind this fat black chick and I refused and turned it around and challenged him to do it, he accepted and started dancing with her.  Quickly it turned into a grind session and she was feeling a little uncomfortable so she tryed to escape.  No way was Mike gonna let this go, he just kept grinding and grinding, plus all the songs were mixed together so that the dancing could never stop.  After like fifteen minutes of intense rubbing on this girl it came to an end.  We then bailed from the party scene, and we still haven't been able to get back in to one.  I guess we have to put our costumes back on.

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