Bowdoinham Bopper Blitz-SC Story

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One night after hanging out somewhere, I can't remember and it isn't important, I went home and instantly got a phone call from the Mike G.  He said he was at a High School party and it's rippin'.  He told me to come, and as crappy as it sounded I went.  The party was at Megan Kay's house and there was mad little high schoolers running about.  Mike G. was all wasted off a forty, maybe something else, but probably just a forty.  He was all Mike G. drunk style, being all smiles and trying to amp up the scenario. It wasn't that cool I thought.  To liven things up I had to do my little mischievious duties.  To start things off I did a little snooping around to see what I could work with.  I went down to the basement and Hojo, Mike and I rummaged through all there belongings looking to see if they had anything cool to play with.  We found all these dumb tools and we started fighting each other with them, I then found a pad lock and locked up their bulkhead door and threw away the key.  Their pad was locked.  Throughout the night we kept putting the radio on WBLM because it rocks and some dumb little kid would change it, they don't know good radio if it kicked them in the face.  Mike G. claimed he liked Backstreet Boys and that Megan should make out with him.  Apparently he has no game, I guess it doesn't help if you're laughing the whole time. We then wondered to the kitchen and went through their cupboards, looking for any good sabotages, or snacks.  They didn't have crap.  A few high schoolers went up in the attic, it was one of those kinds where the door drops from the ceiling and the stairs come out.  I claimed cops and closed their asses in the attic, they were in there for like ten or fifteen minutes just waiting to be let down.  When they finally checked to see if the coast was clear I claimed that the cops just left and they were all set to come down, naive little yougsters.  We then just chilled in the kitchen and randomly some dude patted me on the ass and claimed "Good Game".  I have never been so harassed in my life, I was just speachless, and usually I have something witty to say immediately.  Later that dude got in a fight with his friend and ended up breaking some ornament that Megan's dead grandfather gave her mother.  It was cool.  As the party died down I kept trying to get Mike to hide in her bed so he can get some action later, apparently he wasn't that drunk, but drunk enough to continue to harrass her.  He kept insisting that they should make out, she denied his ass.  Now the chillin' moved to the hallway and I challenged dumb drunk Mike to break his forty bottle over his knee.  He just started wailing on his knee with no success. He looked mad stupid.  I claimed he would wake up with this soar ass knee and he wouldn't remember why, boy was I correct.  As we left Mike tryed to steal her brother's prom picture, he got mad busted and the girl was mad confused for trying to steal the wackest article possible.

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