Bustin' Out Bay Park- SC Story

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This party didn't actually happen at the Bay Park house, it was a couple houses down.  It was at Jen Brown's dad's house and we went and bombed it out.  It all started as we were chilling on our deck, like we usually did.  There was mad yelling and shit and we started to yell at them for good entertainment, they would yell back and so forth.  After a while we decided to show up and represent.  There was mad little high schoolers and we felt really out of place, but we soon felt like we belonged.....well, not really.  We went out on the deck and the banister was all wobbly and someone, I can't remember who, broke it off.  From there we decided to make a boobie trap by having kids walk off the side and wreck themselves.  Our plan was to line up and only allow them to walk one designated path.  This scheme actually worked, a couple of people fell victim to our sabotage including Matt Clemens.  He just got dumped by Tiffany Ellwell's sister and he was all bumming already.  Tiffany thought it was mad funny that he dug it, until she found out who it was, then she felt bad.  After a while someone knocked over the planter and Adam Leclair got all pissed and blamed it on me and he was all drunk and getting in my face.  In result to the planter getting knocked down, some kid was scooping up the soil with his bare hands, what a tool.  John Alden started to light the American Flag on fire, it was crazy, you just don't do that.  After a while we got the vibe we weren't welcome so we left.  I bet if Adam reads this he'll get all pissed again, he was mad at me for a couple of weeks.  He says he wasn't but he didn't talk to me or wave when he saw me on the boat for a while.

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