Dolphin Marina Destruction- SC Story

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 This story is mad old, this was at the Dolphin Marina for George's birthday, probably his 18th or 19th.  I know I had my truck back then, the B2200.  Before the party we had to go to Sarah Pierce's house in Bowdoinham because Hambone was there and it's her birthday on the same day.  On George's 21st Birthday, Sarah was out at the bars celebrating at the same time, what an inconvenience.  Well anyway, Sarah and her dumb friends were all pretty drunk and giggly, we thought they were stupid, we were right.  I think it actually was George's 18th birthday now that I think about it.  Well we left Bowdoinham and headed for Harpswell.  Halfway through Harpswell we had to stop because stupid Sarah puked in Hambones car, he got all pissed off and punched my window, I thought it was gonna break, what a jerk.  After exploring Harpswell for too long we finally got to the Dolphin.  Instantly Jeremy and I saw this big ol' Rottweiler and we tried to catch it with this lasso that I concocted with some rope off the ground.  We couldn't get that bastard, but I held on to the rope for further carnage.  After walking to the shore we approached the real party zone, all the heads were there, we harassed Darren for being so damn tall.  I think I called him the Grim Reaper because he was rockin' a black hoodie.  Now the cool part......  After harassing everyone with the lasso, trying to catch them, I made a boobie trap.  I layed out the rope in a circle and covered it with grass and leaves so it couldn't be seen.  I held the rope and sat at a picnic table so I couldn't be detected.  I waited for a while for someone to step in the circle so I could yank their ass to the ground.  Finally, someone stepped in the circle....better yet two.  Two stupid ass girls stood in the circle for a good minute before I had to yank the rope.  I didn't really want to take out girls, but I did eventually becasue I am an asshole and I go no holds barred.  These two chicks fell to the ground so fast they didn't know what hit 'em.  Everybody laughed at their asses and I sat inconspicuous at the table.  They got all pissed off and rubbed their legs as they walked off.  That's pretty much the story, one good sabotage.

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