Eric Wright's Raver Bash- SC Story

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 One day there was a party.  The party was at Eric Wright's house.  We went.  We hung out.  We had fun.  Okay, enough with the lame style.  We went to a party at Eric Wright's house where there were mad Ravers and Townies, all sorts of people, mad genres.  We had a good time and as always we had to spice it up Super Crew style.  At one point Crazy Nick And I were on the roof and Eric got all pissed off and threw rotten tomatoes at us until we got down.  I had to jump off the roof and while that happened I got punished with one.  Where the stash of rotten tomatoes were there was a rotten banana and someone, maybe Hojo, threw it inside and someone stepped on it.  Eric got all mad and claimed something about the banana, he said it all retarded, I guess you had to the be there.  I think he said "Who through the buh- nana?", it was the way he said it most importantly.  Later in the night some townies got in a fight outside, one was coming down frome heroin or something, he was all wacked out.  As we watched the scuffle Mike G and I picked up some weapons for fun.  Mike rocked a shovel over the shoulder and I sported a claw hammer.  Once the incident was over the heroin dude started shit with us because he thought we were going to beat him up with the tools.  Mike and the dude got in a verbal match and I thought we were going to throw down.  My fists were mad clenched and I was ready to brawl.  The dude asked Mike to put down the shovel and Mike threw it down hard and I thought it was go time.  It wasn't though.  The dude called us "Assholes" and Mike agreed with him, in fact we are assholes so it made it way funnier.  Overall the night was good becasue we had all sorts of different emotions.  We had action, comedy, drama, no romance though, that's too bad.  There was this chick that looked like Sam and we called her "Bizarro Sam", she got all pissed off so we brought it up more.  Boy we know how to get under one's skin.

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