Finding A Dead Body- SC Story

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 This story was recently brought up from Nate and he wanted me to retell it to all of you, so I will.  I thought about this story a little while ago, but I couldn't really remember who was there, I knew some of the people, but not all of them, but I think I do now.  It was myself, Dane, Nate, maybe Ian Chisholm, and Warren.  The reason why I think it's Ian Chisholm is the fact that I thought it was weird hanging out with Adam's little brother and there was the infamous bong in the guitar case, which I think he was associated with.  We were in Warrens Jeep for sure because I remember my feet being really cold because there was no heater in the back for your toes.  My feet get cold really fast, I guess my fingers too, I hate the cold.  So as you can tell it was winter, for it was cold out and my feet were frozen.  We were out in Pownal doing some "BC" action.  If you're not down with the lingo, a "BC" means a burn cruise, you know "burnin' the fern".  I don't smoke the weed, but I went along for the adventure because in Maine there is nothing to do.  As we drove around on the back roads of Pownal we ventured down weird zones to see what we could find.  We wnet up some people's driveway and it was steep and curvy, and on the side there was a big ditch.  We claimed it was a "cra-vaus", and that we were going to crash and roll down it.  We were in one of those phases where if anyone said anything we would believe it and react to it way over exagerated ( is that two words or one?).  So we were all convinced we were going to die, but we didn't, it worked out pretty good.  Okay, to the dead lady part.  If you have ever driven out on Beech Hill Rd. in Freeport and kept driving, you'll end up on a dirt road and driving in Pownal.  At one point on the road there is a bridge and this time there was a car parked there.  As curious as always we looked inside the car and found that some one was in the car.  The person wasn't moving and the car was just parked there.  Like earlier, we were still easily convinced, and this time the claim was that the person was dead.  I still believe it, here's why.  After being really freaked out we bailed away to get away from the dead body, because everyone knows that death is contagious and we didn't want to die.  About a few minutes later, or just later, we returned to the "Death Car".  The car was still there, and so was the body, the dead body as we assumed.  To prove that the person was dead we conducted a few tests.  First, we parked right next to the car to see if that would wake the person up.  Nope.  Test number two, lay on the horn.  We hit the horn so many times, and  long pushes also.  Just trying to make as much noise as possible.  Still nothing.  Test three, get out and knock on the door.  This test never actually happened because we were all too freaked out to deal with the dead body.  I believe we all had our wuss/cry baby voices going the whole time, being all whiny about the dead person.  So the only option we had was to leave, and we did.  As we drove into town we decided we should call the cops and have them deal with the dead body.  Because I was the only one not stoned I had to do it.  We pulled into Mobil, or is it Exxon?  The one on Mallett Dr., near the Credit Union.  I called the cops and notifyed them that there was a car parked in the middle of nowhere with somebody in it, and that they may be dead.  I didn't leave a name or anything, maybe I did, but it wasn't my name.  It was probably something like Randy or something quite humorous.  I told Hambone about this story and he said he saw something  on the news about the cops finding a dead body in Maine.  I got super psyched until I found out that the body was in Hallowell or somewhere real crappy.  I wonder what happened to that body?  Maybe the body is still walking this earth, like a zombie, or an alive healthy person.  I'm going with zombie to keep the story real awesome.

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