Freeport Followers- SC Story

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Back in the hay day when people had radio shows at Bowdoin College we used to go and mess with all the equipment and records, it was mad fun.  One day Jeremy, Jeff Mangini, and I were heading over to Brunswick to go to the radio station.  Before we left Freeport a L.L. Bean's security dude cut us off.  Jeremy decided the best thing to do is to harrass him.  "Good idea", I thought.  We rode his ass, swerved around behind him, probably some high beam action.  For some reason this dude was heading to Brunswick also, so coincidently we were behind him the whole time.  The security nerd pulled into the Industrial Park and I told Jeremy to follow him for an added bonus.  He did.  The security guy then pulled into a parking lot and we blocked him off.  We then just bailed after laughing our ass off.  Within two blocks we got pulled over and the Po-Po asked us what we were doing, we  made up some dumb excuse.  The Cop then asked for Jeremy's registration and insurance.  Like most people the info is in the glove compartment, but who stores Victoria Secret catalogs also?  Jeremy, that's who.  So when Jeremy asked me to get out his info I quickly shoved them on the floor and the Cop didn't even notice.  What if I had a gun or something?  He's so dumb.  Behind the Police car was the security guy and the Cop asked Jeremy to get out and what happened after that was settled business.  The security guy wanted an explanation or an apology and Jeremy gave him a little extra.  Jeremy started yelling at the dude and got in this super big shouting match with him and that was that.  Jeremy got back in th car all pissed off at the dude.  We then drove off and he told us that he yelled at the dude until the Cop told him he could go. 

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