Honk If You Have A Boner- SC Story

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Back in the Freeport skatepark days there was a surplus of porn.  Besides looking at naked ladies we also harassed the public with them.  A common run was to drive through town honking at tourists and then showing a centerfold of a naked lady, sometimes they were doing very inapropriate things.  It was always funny for the expressions of the people would be most shocking.  After a while we got tired of this, okay we didn't, we just got a new idea.  What we did was made Boneyard hold up a poster we made on the side of the highway to harass the drivers.  What was so special about the poster?  The poster had a lovely centerfold centered on the posterboard surrounded with boner drawings, where one actually looked like the Roadrunner.  The message on the poster said, "Honk if you have a boner."  We suited boneyard up with a motorcycle helmet, a simulated boner  by one of those plastic sandwich wedges smushed down his pants, and I believe we made him go out there shirtless.  So everyone at the skatepark went out to the highway to watch Boneyard make a fool of himself.  Jeremy and Dan had there video cameras and filmed the whole ordeal.  Now that Boneyard was on the side of the highway we made him do ridiculous things like dance all erotic and air hump at the drivers.  All we wanted out of the whole thing was at least one honk, and we got one after a few cars.  Then the madness began.  For some reason one of the drivers locked up the brakes which resulted in the person behind them to do the same.  The two cars were about 8 feet apart right in front of us and we all bailed.  There was about ten kids all bailing through the woods, just hauling ass through these deep ass bushes escaping from the scene.  We left the skatepark and went to my house to hide out until things cooled down.  We watched the footage and laughed our asses off.  Boneyard's response to the near pile up was classic.  All he did after all the screaching is turn his head at the cars.  No body movement except for the helmet turning 90 degrees.  Classic.

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