Matty Hartley's Party Gone Astray- SC Story

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In the winter of 2002 we went to Mattie Hartley's house to go to a party.  We ended up having to party in the basement, which was pretty wack.  There were mad townies there, they definetely out numbered the crew.  We chilled out there for the night, everything was cool, and then everything went 180 on us.  Levi got his buzz on and was talking to Chris Litchfield and was saying how he could take on all the townies.  I thought it was funny because how would a situation like that start?  Give it ten minutes and everything would come in to play.  We were just hanging out like before and then Mattie claimed Levi grabbed her ass.  He in fact didn't, which made this way cooler.  Mattie's boyfriend, Travis Crocker, started to get in Levi's face and they had a little shouting battle.  I thought it would only be that, of course I was wrong again.  Some retarded dude named Chuck, he actually is a little messed in the head, jumped Levi from behind and gave him a head lock.  Levi wasn't having that, he struggled with Chuck across the room, destroying everything in their path, and then it finally stopped.  Levi took Chuck and threw him, and himself, through the ping pong table.  It was awesome.  Now that Levi was free it was on, Levi turned around and punched that dude in the head.  I knew we were in trouble now.  All the townie dudes came and attacked Levi, and what amazed me was the fact the Levi was holding his own.  He started to leave and then he came back for his hat, all these dudes started attacking him, including Mattie.  Levi was pushed into the stairway and he fell over and kicked Mattie pretty hard, things were getting worse than before.  Now all the dudes wanted blood, and once Levi was outside they tried to beat him.  Levi took this one dude out and chucked an unopened beer bottle at his face.  It was a mad scuffle between the Super Crew and the townies.  We finally got things cooled off a little, the townies just wanted us to leave.  We agreed.  I was driving Adam Carafauno's car, I think that's how you spell it, but who cares.  I couldn't back out of the driveway so I drove down to her house to turn around.  All the townies ran at us and started to smash the car.  What should I do?  Try to run them over that's what.  I just started putting it in forward and reverse trying to ram all these dudes and at the same time turn around.  Retarded Chuck was trying to smash my window in with his fists, I just supported the window so he couldn't break it, I really had no idea what to do about that. We bailed up the driveway as a mob of townies were running right behind us.  Crap, we're blocked in.  Now that we were stopped all the townies were kicking and trying to rip the car apart.  Adam didn't want his car to get fucked up so he pulled out this madball that we made out of stereo wire and he started swinging that bitch.  In the mean time Levi was trying to get out and I had to restrain him so we could get out.  It was mad hectic.  John Lever just arrived, he lives a couple houses down, and I saw him randomly get taken out on some hood of a car.  I thought it was crazy because he had nothing to do with it.  And to make things way weirder, I just found a peice of weed next to the keyboard.  Phil, Mike G. and Hojo came down the driveway to help out with the situation but everything was taken care of.  All the cars were moved and we escaped.  As we were leaving we called the police as an added bonus to bust those bitches.  Once we were about a couple miles away from her house mad cops started bailing by us.  Success issued.  It was rumored that Mattie got arrested, we were psyched, but a couple days later we found out she didn't.  What a bummer.

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