Middlebury Madness- SC Story

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On the second weekend of November Pete, Phil, and I went to Vermont to hangout with some Freeport heads and checkout what the scene was all about.  The ride was pretty long but if it wasn't for the Burger King rest stop then we would have never made it.  Phil and I got Whopper meals (number one) and Pete got the chicken tenders meal (number wussy).  Phil and I made fun of Pete because he got chicken tenders and he got all pouty.  His choice was also pretty poor because he was still hungry and there was claims of getting more.  My Whopper was pretty gross, the lettuce was all old and wilted.  Pete mistakenly said that the lettuce is cold so for the rest of the weekend we always made the claim that the lettuce was cold.  On the remainder of the ride there was much talk about Gamboy Advance Sp's and how Phil and I wanted to stop at a Walmart and get one.  It never happened, but I have one now so Pete can shove it.


We finally got to Middlebury, this is where Stodd goes to school and gets drunk.  On arrival Stodd and Amy were the only Freeport kids there.  We got a small tour of Stodd's house and in the back is this sketchy ass barn with nails coming out of the walls and in the loft there was a mattress just laying there.  There is only enough room for a mattress and some spider webs.  The ceiling was slanted and all the nails, like the walls, were exposed to puncture your skull.  The barn was cool and there was much hanging out here, mainly due to the access of the keg and that you could smoke butts in there.


After we showed up Stodd's sister, Molly, showed up with  some of her friends from school.  I thought they were nerds.  Jered Nunery may have showed up at the same time, if not, it was pretty damn close, he wasn't down with Molly's friends either.  We made fun of one dude, he was the ultimate boner.  Last, but not least Scott showed up with a friend from school.  Stodd later said he made out with her in the sketchy loft.  He was really drunk so I question if he did it, or just wanted to be cool.  However, I did see him give her the eye more than a few and also saw him inappropriately rub her thigh.


 There was a purpose for why I kept mentioning the nails.  For some reason Pete smacked the wall with authorty right on a nail.  I don't know, he must have been trying to prove his point by laying his down.  It just back fired by stabbing a nail through his palm.  We all claimed stigmata on him and he just got pouty.... or worried.  Pete was all concerned of tetanus and we said he'll be fine, I think we said that just so he would shut up.


Pete found a frisbee disc in the barn and was telling me how you can put seven beers in a regulation ultimate frisbee disc.  No one believed it and drunk Stodd grabbed the disc and poured his beer in the disc and pounded his beer.  Here is the awesome pounding/sipping sequence.


Like always Stodd gets drunk, and then obscene.  through out the nigh Stodd would get super sick.  He would do such indecent acts as give girls the sex eye, the sex dance, or jerk off a wine bottle, all while making dirt, dirty comments.


At the end of the night we decided to do some BBQing on some George Foreman grill.  Personally I think that George Foreman's are crappy, but I was pretty hungry so I didn't care.  We cooked hot dogs and BBQ chicken, which were both delicious.  At one point during the grilling Stodd went outside to check the meats and he decided that giving a pressed ham was a great idea.  When he squished his cheeks against the glass Jared kicked the window and the glass shattered.  Because Stodd had his ass cheeks pressed against the glass pretty hard his ass caved through the window.  It was awesome.  When the glass broke the shards cut Stodd's ass in various places.  Stodd then insisted on showing us his bloody ass.  It was pretty amusing until he decided to show a little more than his ass.  I won't say what, but you can imagine.
For the rest of the night we tried to stay away from Stodd because he was getting too obscene.  Pete and I stayed up the latest so we wouldn't get fucked with.  Well, that's why I stayed up.  For the remainder of the time we threw tennis balls at Stodd as he slowly fell in to the deep depths of slumber.

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