Porno Parade- SC Story

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This story goes way back to the Freeprort skate park days when we collected pornos for a whole summer.  We had Boneyard (Aaron Bealieu) buy them for us and then we would look at them all day at the park.  Dan Foster had overall control of the porn and he would hold them in his Dad's Explorer for safe keeping.  One day his Dad found them and took them away, there was probably like a total of twenty to thirty porno mags in the car.  Dan stole them back and Jeremy held on to them.  We continued to collect porn by means of Boneyard and dumpster diving.  It may be gross getting old pornos from the dumpster, but you can get so many.  By having all these pornos around the park alot of young children witnessed many naked ladies, they were probably only in elementary school, it was awesome. 

      By the end of the summer Jeremy's trunk was full of porno mags and Jeremy and I got a ridiculous idea.  Our idea was too rip out all the pages and then dump them on Main St.  We spent a night ripping all these pages out and Tom Reed stopped by and we put all the porn in the back of his truck.  The porno pages filled up the whole back of his truck and from there was history.  Fishstix laid down in the back of the truck with the tail gate down and when we got to the store Big Dog he started kicking all the pages out.  From there to the Pharmacy the town was covered with porno. 
       Within fifteen minutes the town of Freeport had a clean up crew out there cleaning it all up.  There was a street sweeper and everything!  It was so ridiculous.  We watched the people clean up the town and then we realized if we get caught for this we would be fined so much money due to littering charges.  If you get fined a $100 for each article then we would owe millions.  We all bailed home and kept a low profile.  We never got caught and no one in the town mentioned this.  It wasn't in the Forecaster or anything, and we were usually in it every week.  I guess Freeport didn't want to lose it's reputation on being so perfect.  But for about an hour the town was so corrupted with sin.  The next day there wasn't a page in sight.  They did an extensive job of cleaning up all that porn.

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