Scooby's Boobies- SC Story

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This story is classic.  It all started when we hosted a rager at Bay Park.  When the party died down it became awesome, or gross?  So it was the wee hours of the morning and there were only dudes left over, trying to sober up to drive home, except for Scooby.  See, Scooby is this stupid girl who is most heinous in all ways.  First of all she has a "clenis", if you can't figure it out, it means she has a penis clit.  Pretty gross huh?  Second she is just gross.  So some how Baxter propositions Scooby to flash a bunch of dudes so she can get ten bucks off a bag of weed.  Did I mention she was stupid also?  So the deal was that she had to take her top off for ten seconds so she can get ten bucks off her bag. Through out the night I had been collecting June bugs in a beer bottle, for eating, and just for fun.  I think I made like five bucks for eating them.  So the time had come, Scooby was gonna show her boobs.   She was wearing a halter top which made it easier for her to show her boobs.  To set the mood there were like twenty dudes in one kitchen swarmed around this one girl.  Everyone knew I had these bugs and that they were all resting in my hand, it was like a full rounded hand full.  Scooby decided she wanted to do this with her eyes closed, even better I thought.  Down went her top and then came the slow counting.  I immedietely got sickened out by her grotesque boobs, they were saggy like pancakes and the nips were brown and looked more like pepperoni's.  I tossed the bugs at her and bailed into the living room, Crazy Nick also added some flavor with a hint of garlic salt.  When time was up she put her top back up and there were all kinds of bugs stuck in her shirt, it was awesome.  We all made fun of her when it was over and discussed how gross they were in front of her.  I recall her calling herself a "scum bag" and it made me laugh.  She then escaped to Howard's room to pass out, we all told him to put it in her butt.  He wasn't psyched on this scenario.  She then finally left and we spent the rest of the time eating bugs and laughing about how heinous her boobs were.  That was a good ending to a party.  Some how later in the summer my dad mentioned this scenario to me.  I have no idea how he found out.  I guess an awesome story like that travels from town to town.

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