The Cabin Pizza Party

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This story probably won't be that entertaining, but Ethan wanted a write up, so I am doing one. 
      So Ethan made this cabin in his field back in High School as his Senior project.  Now it's the cool hang out spot.  Well.... actually, we have only hung out there a couple of times, but it's still a cool locale.  Ethan has added many features to the Cabin to make it quite unique.  Such attributes as hidden Playboy centerfolds on the wall, a wood stove that actually doesn't vent out of the Cabin, and some other cool stuff. 
       At the end of the summer of 2003 Ethan proposed a pizza party at the Cabin, I was down, but I was late.  I forgot where I was, I think I was playing disc golf.  Eventhough I was late, I still got my fare share of pizza.  The posse consisted of Phil, Ethan, Stodd, Lucas, Jared, Pete, and myself.  We ate some pizza and told some stories, you know just kicking back.  Ethan showed us this cool trick where you take a clothes pin and make it in to a match shooter.  I forget exactly how you do it, but the end result is a match lighting and shooting pretty far.  It was cool and Ethan got all responsible and made sure the matches went out, then it got uncool. 
        After a while, we moved into the Cabin after lounging on the front porch.  The cabin is most small, and when you fit seven full sized boys in their, it gets a little cramped.  So the chatting went on some more.  This story is pretty boring, I'm sorry.  I'll add some excitement. All of a sudden we heard some rustling outside and some banging on the Cabin.  Ethan went out to figure out who or what it was.  We all thought it was a wolf or a bear, maybe  a Werewolf or a Werebear.  Nope, we were wrong, it was Ralph Kent.  Ethan wrestled Ralph in the field and they both got ticks on themselves so they stopped.  Ralph then went away.  Okay, that didn't happen, but I just had to boost the entertainment value.
        So we still ate some pizza and chilled.  Someone got the great idea of playing cards.  Someone nominated Hearts.  I played Hearts once before and Phil did a terrible job of telling me how to play so I will always hate the game of Hearts.  It's the dumbest game ever. 
        Jared left to meet up with Heather at Gritty's and we stayed.  A little bit later Phil left because of pussy circumstances, he probably went to bed or something.  So we lost two soldiers and gained four.  Amy Peterson, Christina (Phil's Ex), Amy Winterstick and her friend showed up to party.  I wish Phil stayed so it would be real uncomfortable, because the Cabin is so small and they couldn't ignore each other.  From there we really didn't do that much I don't think.  We played Mastermind and it was fun, if you won you got to say that you mastered their mind.  It was a good game.  No one cheated so all was good.  This story is pretty boring, but I had a good time.  Sorry Ethan, but this story actually sucks.  I know it's the Cabin, but I have to stop it because there is no actual entertainment in it.  Actually when we left Stodd was hammered like always and was yelling really loud around Ethan's house while his parents were trying to sleep.  I thought it was funny.  No more, this story is bad.

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