Lisbon Lunacy

Cool Stories

    As always we're looking for new skate spots.  One day Mike G. and I thought a good place to check for spots was in Lisbon, Maine.  Nope.  Lisbon has no skate spots to offer, and nothing really at all, just in general.  They have the Mill and that's about it, and that's not something to brag about.  The Mill has this sketchy ass bridge connector thing to the two buildings which is made of a mobile home with a car exhaust sticking out the side.  It sits about twenty five feet in the air, that's a true death wish. 
    Well, back to the story.  Mike and I were in his car, I think this was back when he had the white Oldsmobile, he has had so many Oldsmobiles and Buicks it's hard to keep track.  We drove around Lisbon for a while looking in parking lots or anything that might have something cool to skate, and then we found this sign.  The sign was for a church, and this is when the fun began.
    We drove up to the church and the parking lot had two levels, way to big to ollie down, but perfect to drive down.  The church was brand new and the hill hadn't even grown any grass yet, so by us doing this would make us total jerks.  Mike has never really done crazy car tricks like this in general, and I guess this wasn't the best experience to start with.  Mike started to drive down the hill and when we were half way down we noticed that there was a drainage dip at the bottom of the hill.  We went for it anyway and that's where the true problem arose.
    The front end of his car smushed right into the dip leaving the car stuck in the ground.  The hill was to steep to drive up in reverse and we didn't want to call AAA to get us out because we'll look like idiots and assholes for defacing the church's property.  During this whole time I was laughing hysterically, while Mike was stressing out and not enjoying the situation at all. 
    So to get the car out we derived a plan to get the car out and escape from the scene.  Well, actually we used the trial and error method to getting it out.  First, we used his skateboard and wedge it under th tire to see if it would give us a little leeway to hop over the dip.  No dice.  Mike kept trying to see if he could get it over the dip by flooring it, still nothing.  As he tried the method of "gunning it" I jumped on the rear bumper and that little bit of bounce allowed the car to hop over the dip and we were free. 
    We drove off laughing from the scene, and Mike could now enjoy the whole ordeal now that we were free.  So the moral to this story is to look at the hill before driving down it, because driving down hills is fun.