Super Snow Shenanagins

Cool Stories

This story actually happened on my birthday a few years ago, I think it was my 19th birthday, so it was a while ago.  So what happened is we, as a state, got a snow storm.  Freeport was pretty behind on the plowing scene so there was some good parking lots to get rowdy in.  The posse consisted of Hambone, Mike G., Canasta, and myself.  What we ended up with was this dope track which we made by continuously driving in a connected path in the snow.  The snow was about a foot deep and the track was a well groomed six inches or so.  We had two cars and we just straight bombed around in the parking lot at Health Source across from National Ski & Bike.  We had Canasta's Accord and Hambones shitbox of  a Rabbit.  Hambones Rabbit got stuck in a large amount of snow and it started to smoke real bad and he couldn't shift into any gear.  Somehow he got out of the snow and we continued on blazing.  I think we challenged to see who could get through the "course" the fastest.  I think only Canasta and I timed the runs to see if we could ever get better times.  Eventually the plow truck came and ruined our fun so we left and went to the Eastland parking lot which is right next to my dad's house.  We grabbed a sled and some rope from my dad's house and we tied it up behind the Rabbit and started towing each other around.  I would compare this to tubing because you could get some serious g's going.  One of the runs when Mike G. was on the sled we bombed him towards the snow bank and he smashed his ass on this huge ice boulder.  The boulder was about two feet in diameter so the hit surely counted.  On impact he was temporarily paralyzed and he just layed in the snow.  We laughed as he complained, it's pretty much how we operate, sabotages and such.  Overall it was a fun night and we have tried to reenact the games, but they're just not as fun.  Well, one time Dane took Jeremy out on a paved road going about thirty five mph around a corner.  Phil and I hid on them in another car and we saw Jeremy bail by screaming.  It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen on a sled.