Air Splits

Cool Moves

Bad example.

What do you first think of when you hear "Air Splits"?  I think David Lee Roth, he used to do them way high.  It was awesome.  Maybe they weren't air splits, maybe just really high jump kicks, I consider them splits.  Wait, maybe he did do them?  I think I recall him doing it with the mic stand between his legs, like a "Spread Eagle".  That ballerina crap isn't cool though.  What if ballet was done to Metallica, better yet, Slayer.  It would be awesome, especially during the breakdowns.  Do you know who also did those jump kicks?  Bone Jovi, I mean Jon Bon Jovi, I think Bret Michaels did them also.  Bret Michaels is diabetic like my brother.  The tabloids claimed he was a heroin addict because they found his insulin needles.  Stupid asses.  I think it would be cool if my brother sold his used needles to heroin addicts.  Pure profit, he would have just been throwing them all out anyway.  Maybe I'll do that instead, I just need to find someone who does heroin.......enough.

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