Cool Moves

 I know, I know.  Skateboard moves...whatever.  Just let me explain.  Airwalks are so stylin', if you can pull off an airwalk you are the man.  So even if you don't skateboard you should learn it and impress everyone.  I believe it's a chick magnet, being able to airwalk.  They'll think you are graceful, like a balerina.  So how do you do an airwalk?  I'm not sure, I can't do them, but here's the jist of it.  You first got to find a launch ramp or something, second you gotta launch off of it.  I suggest a couple of trial runs to figure out what you have to do.  Okay, her's the tricky part.  Once you're in mid air, you have to grab the board and kick your legs out like your doing a "daffy" on skis.  Then you chuck the board under your feet and you ride away smooth.  I can't do it because I'm not that good with the grabs and stuff.  That doesn't mean you can't do them.  So get out there and get some chicks!

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