Cool Moves


Barbecuing definetely makes you cool, I don't care who you are.  If you're barbecuing your my friend, my coolest friend.  The other day the Mike G. and I went to a BBQ with Hambone, we didn't bring any meats, for we were invited and there is no way we will bring something when we were invited.  If I was going to have a BBQ I would supply the meats, it's not a friggin' "BYOM" party.  So Mike and I mooched some meats and thought everyone was cool for supplying us with some barbecued meats.  We had Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, and Shish Ke Bobs;  I was calling them "G Bobs" for some reason.  The tomatoes on a Shish Ke Bob are nasty, they're all juicy and warm, it's like a stewed tomatoe, but skewered.  A skewered stewed tomatoe.  I flung mine at someone's house, it was funny, it left a big saucy stain.  So when you're having a BBQ have plenty of meat if you want to be cool.

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