Belly Flops

Cool Moves

This dudes belly was red before he hit the water, red with fire.

Belly Flops are the ultimate!  Ultimate way of hurting yourself.  I find it's a good feat of strength.  If I'm out swimming, I'll try a belly flop off most things, but not too high.  The best part of a belly flop is when you exit the water and your belly is of the most reddest it has ever been.  The last belly flop I did was at White's Beach in Brunswick.  That place is gross, a big toilet.  Besides the fact, I did one off that big cement thing way out in the water.  It really isn't that big anymore, I used to think it was.  The best belly flop I have ever seen is when Jeremy tried a flip.  This wasn't any old flip though, oh no it was off this train trestle in Yarmouth.  Jeremy did a flip and a half to a big ass belly flop.  He was in the shape of a big cross, I saw it from above.  He came up from under water all knocked out of breath and just laid on the bank of the river.  He got this huge ass bruise on his whole chest, it was all kinds of cool colors.  So next time your out swimming impress everyone with a big ass belly flop!

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