Booty Claps

Cool Moves

This is the best pic I could find, the rest was just porn.

Booty claps are so funny.  I wish I could see one in person, I would laugh so hard.  Like in a thong, their butt cheeks would smack all over the place.  Man it's cool.  The closest person I've seen to someone doing it is Hambone, he can't do it, and thank god he wears pants when he does it too.  Not to be stereoypical, but usually black chicks do this, they got that ghetto booty.  2 Live Crew is fond of the booty clap, they practically invented the music so the booty goes bounce.  If you're a chick and you want to impress me show me a booty clap, and I'll be putty in your hands.  Or you can just rub me down, I would like that too.

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