Cat's Cradle

Cool Moves


Cat's cradles are so dope.  Not that crappy game girls played when they have the string and make all those X's, but Yo-Yo's.  Was that called cat's cradle?  I think so.  Yo-Yo's are pretty fun, I had one of those Yomega's, it had a friggin' brain in it.  You could make that sucka sleep for days, allowing you to do all kind of tricks.  The cat's cradle was cool because you could set records on how many times it rocked through.  The "Yo" was hard, I did it once.  You have to make a "Y" and the Yo-Yo would make the "O", thus spelling "Yo".  If you can find an old Duncan strap that bad boy on and give it a whirl.

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