Convincing People You're Stoned

Cool Moves

The reason I'm writing this is because at work they thought I was stoned.  In reality I don't smoke weed.  So I went to work and for some reason a couple of guys kept making stoner jokes at me, I thought it was funny because I wasn't stoned.  So to make things even more fun I decided to act as if I was stoned. The key is not to act all, "Hey man", but to giggle at things and act all dazed, oh yeah, be real gullable too.  These two dudes had a field trip and I wasn't even stoned, the trick was on them.  Boy am I genius.  For like a couple of hours these dudes kept talking about snacks.  They told me there were free chips in the break room, and as anyone would I got psyched, free snacks!  They thought it was so funny, especially when it was 4:20.  This dude was like, "Hey Bogle, 4:20 dude."  I responded with a "sweet", he thought it was hilarious. 

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