Dead Legs

Cool Moves

Essentially what a dead leg is.

Dead legs are sweet to deliver!  But when you get served it's by far the worst.  You really can't do anything, but kind of wait for it to go away.  You're sort of paralyzed briefly.  There are two good ways to give them, punching and kneeing.  I prefer the knee, you can sneak up on anyone with a knee.  It's just not as conspicuous as a clenched fist.  I once tricked Justin with a kneeing dead leg, it was awesome.  I came up with a clenched fist, faked the punch to the arm and then drove my knee into his thigh.  It was solid.  He said it was hard to walk for a couple of days.  He got me back with "The Core".  "The Core" is short for "The Death Core", it was the grossest thing ever.  He kept punching me in the same spot for like two or three weeks, with those boney lil' hands of his.  My whole upper arm was black due to an accumulation of punches in the arm.  I thought he was going to punch my arm right off through time.  For some reason the punches stopped, thank god.   He used to do it everyday, and Jay would sneak some in also.  Those bastards.  They would team up on me and attack from all angles.  I couldn't escape.  Well I could, but that would make me a wuss.  I don't back down, I got dignity.

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