Drop Kicks

Cool Moves


The drop kick was originated by "Jumping Joe" Savoldi way back in the early 20th century.  I personally think he is sick, mostly because he just sits around on stools in his under pants.  But what makes the drop kick cool is the infamous story of Todd Nadeau.  Back in Middle School Todd Nadeau somehow tricked Bridgette Koenig to go out to the Project Adventure trail after school, probably to smoke butts or something.  Once Todd got Bridgette out to the Project Adventure trail he jumped off a tree stump and drop kicked her in the head and knocked her out and as she laid there he rubbed his junk on her face.  It wasn't until Tom Wilbur came to Bridgette's rescue when he pushed him off her face.  This story is so ridiculous, but it gets better.  After the face raping happened Todd really got into rap.  He made this fort behind his house and put up a sign for his new club.  He invited some people over to check out his fort and on their arrival they had found a sign that said "The Rapers Fort".  Little did Todd know that "rapper" has two p's, so he ended up with a much worse story to his name.  Last time I saw Todd was on Gay Drive, which besides has the funniest name, it is also the sketchiest.  It has the likes of Brudd Hart and Carl Brawn roaming around, and if you don't know them, you're better off.  Now the George's live in Todd's house and Amy has his room..... I think. 

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