E- Brakes

Cool Moves


E- brakes are awesome.  On dirt, ice, or tarmac- they all rule.  This stunt should first be learned in a big open parking lot, so you don't crash into things.  I know of this awesome parking lot in Freeport that you can use as a "rally course" and use the E-Brake to maneuver around corners.  However when it's icey it gets a litle hectic.  I have crashed into snow banks a few too many, which in result left my car in a little damage around the wheel wells.  Boy does that suck, because now I have to fix it or it will rust all up.  Oh well, that's what cars are for, driving.  Might as well have as much fun with it as possible.  Boy do I do that.  It may be pricey, but boy is it fun!  The other day Adam and I took some snap shots of my car doing some, I'll post them when I get my hands on them.

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