Cool Moves


Endo's are awesome!  They're like a reverse wheelie.  It's the cool way to stop on a bike, wether it be a BMX or a Kawaski Ninja.  It would be pretty cool to see someone do it on a Harley.  I used to do endo's on my old BMX in my driveway back in the day.  I didn't have front brakes so I did it like we all did, just cram your foot in the front wheel.  That thing would raise all up in the back in no time.  It all stopped one day though, or for a while.  I once tried to max out an endo and I gained a little to much speed before execution.  I was about half way down the driveway when I smushed my wee foot in betwwen the tire and the fork.  WOOPS, I went, right over the handle bars and on to the dirt.  I was like seven and I cried, I didn't do an endo for a while.  I wish I never stopped because they were so rad.  Remember "RAD" the movie?  It was like the coolest BMX movie ever!  I can still remember the cover, it was so rad.

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