Cool Moves


Flips are amazing.  If I could do a flip I would do them all day long, or until I got bored.  But I probably wouldn't get bored because they are so cool.  I'm not talking flips on a trampoline, but flat ground, or off things.  I think I know only two people who can do flips, Mike Roy and Zac Pettit.  I once saw Mike Roy use a flip as a tactical maneuver for wrestling.  It was a diversion (spelling?  too lazy to check) to take down Chris Litchfield as others tackled him from another angle.  However Chris is too strong and it didn't work.  A few minutes later Ike did a big ass butt smash on Mike Roy's head and Mike couldn't see.  It was a randy time.  I want to do that cool ass trick when you run up a wall and do a back flip, I think that trick is awesome.  They do it in that old school skate movie "Thrashin'", it's so cool.  I have tried to do it but I get scared at the end and just do a 180, I don't want to fall on my head and kill myself.  One day.  One day.

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