Giving Yourself Homemade Tattoos

Cool Moves


Giving yourself tattoos makes you the coolest.  You're probably wondering why.  The reason is because they always come out real crappy.  How can someone expect to produce a good tattoo on their own?  David Osgood started one years ago when he was in jail for pushing his mom down the stairs.  It was supposed to be a flame I think, but it looked like a tear drop, or Wet Willy, that World Industries character.  It was so crappy.  Romero also has one which he made in jail.  It was a tattoo of a heart on his chest.  I will give him credit that it was a pretty uniform heart, except for the fact it looked like a mole because it was so damn small.  So my conclusion is that  homemade tattoos are cool because you make them in jail.

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