Head Butts

Cool Moves

Kind of a Head Butt?

Head Butts are the coolest.  You get so much respect when you demolish someones forehead with your own.  The dome is good for more than thinking, you can smash things also.  I hope the first thing you thought of wasn't frat boys, but like cool biker dudes.  I am not scared to throw down a head butt or two, especially when I have a skateboard helmet on.  I do it all the time when we go to Bath, once I wasn't wearing a helmet and got pissed and hit my head with my skateboard.  Woops.  That fucker hurt, hurt alot.  Wasn't so pissed after that.  I let people punch me in the helmet also, I don't give a crap.  Ben did it one time, it was a sloid hard hit.  Good job for being able to rattle my cage with a helmet on.  So I guess I don't do head butts alot, because I have a helmet on, it doesn't count.  But I'm not scared to throw one down still.

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