Jockin' The Ladies

Cool Moves

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Jockin' the ladies is so cool, that's why it's in the cool moves segment.  Doing it as blatant as possible is the best I have found out.  For instance, when a female is walking by, stick your head out way far, so you neck hurts, and stare at them as they walk by and your head turning for optimium stare down.  Girls love it, well, I'm only assuming because I love it.  The best is when you're in a car because you can yell at them also.  I can't imagine doing anything more fun than sexually harassing girls in a car.  It's awesome because you can bail away from the situation if it gets a little hectic.  Bowdoin girls get the toture the most, mainly because they won't give me the time of day.  Stuck up biotches.

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