Picking Your Nose

Cool Moves


Everybody picks their nose, it just depends on what you do with the booger.  You could flick it on somebody, or just wipe it on their shirt if it's really slimey.  You can wipe it on something, like a sign or a window for someone to witness later.  Whenever I see a booger wiped on something I get so sickened out that I think it's awesome.  One time the Mike G. and I were moving someone into a house and we picked up a night stand and on my side I got all these boogers on my hands.  It was the grossest thing ever.  Mike G. later found a nasty ass pair of underwear that had skid marks for days in it.  It was so gross but awesome at the same time.  We laughed forever in their bedroom.  These people were real assholes, they were snobby yuppy people that bossed us around.  I hate them, they were the worst move ever.  We had to move their piano and they kept making us pick it up and move it a little to the right and a little to the left until it was just right.  Pianos are heavy as hell ,and they had no mercy on our backs.  At least I have some dirt on them.  Nasty ass booger smearing, skid mark sporting jerks.

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