Playing Dead in The Road

Cool Moves

Recall doing the dead man's float in your local pool?  Now do it in the road, it's so cool.  When I do it I prefer to do it on the freeway.  And as an added bonus I put fake tire tread on my shirt to look like I was all ready hit.  One time this dude tried to scrape me up with a shovel, I just jumped up and bailed, he was scared shitless.  It's also pretty funny if you let a couple cars run over your hand a few times to let the "Real Effect" kick in.  Oh man is it funny when they bomb out of the way to not hit you.  If any of you actually go out and do this you deserve to be hit because it is byfar the dumbest thing you can do, and you won't be cool, you'll be dead.  Remember hearing about those dudes that mimicked the movie "The Program"?  What A bunch of dipshits, why on god's earth would you lie out in the middle of the road?   I guess it's population control, kill off all the dumb people.

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