Round House Kicks

Cool Moves


Round house kicks are pretty flamboyant, but  I bet they pack a mean punch... I mean kick.  I have never done a round house kick on someone, but I bet when I played ninja in my front yard I would do them.  Remember playing Ninja when you were liitle?  Or playing Ninja Turtles?  Those were the days.  I remember seeing Three Ninjas at the theatre, and afterwqards having a Karate tournament in my front yard.  I think it was just Canasta, The Deuce, and myself, I think it was all fake fighting too.  Boy were we stupid, full contact would be so much more fun, fake fighting is so wack.  I guess we had to do that because the Deuce would always end up crying.  He probably cried when he lost the tournament, what a wuss.

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