Running With Scissors

Cool Moves

What determines if something is cool?  I would have to say the risk factor is a great component in evaluating the coolness involved in one such move.  For example, running with scissors is very riskay, so it makes it cool.  Another key to factor in is the fact that all of the elders in your life told you not to run with scissors.  Your teachers, your parents, maybe your grandparents, they all told you, "Don't run with scissors!"(do that party all whiny like).  So what I suggest is go run with scissors, defy your parents, your old teachers, and let the truth be told.  You can run with scissors, yes, you can run with scissors.  Scream it to the mountains, in fact run up a mountain and yell it off the top.  Running with scissors is cool and safe, ask old pirate Joe, he lost his eye from running with a pencil.  Now those are dangerous. 

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