Shadow Kick

Cool Moves

Shadow kicks are sweet.  Have you seen the movie "Iron Monkey"?  They do it in that movie, it's so awesome.  Especially when they yell it while they're doing it.  "Iron Monkey" is my favorite kung fu movie, I once watched it twice back to back.  That's how awesome it is.  Oh yeah, shadow kicks.  Shadow kicks are a kick that aren't visually perceived.  I think you just yell it on command.  For example, you're out on some roof top fighting the ninjas.  You start doing all this fancy choreographed punching and kicking.  In the midst of it all, between breaths, you just sneak in a "Shadow Kick!"  An extra kick comes from nowhere and hits your opponent.  So awesome, I don't even think you use your body, it's just done with your shadow.  I need to start using my shadow more often.  Remember that movie "The Shadow" with one of the Baldwins?  I never saw it.

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