Slam Dunks

Cool Moves

Spud Webb has mad ups yo!

Slam dunks get repsect from all.  If you can jump and thunder down a ball into a ten foot high hoop you're awesome.  Last that I knew I could almost slam, that was a while ago, maybe I can do it now?  That would be awesome.  I know only a few people that can slam, like Charlie Field.  He could slam back when we were like sophomores.  I remember he could come from one side and slam on the other, I forget what it's called now.  I wish I knew all my "jock talk", I used to be down with that lingo.  I vaguely can remember one common thing in sports, correct me if I'm wrong, but something like "Sports Center".  Just kidding, I remember Sports Center, I used to watch that show religiously, boy was I lame.  I can't even remember when the last time I watched that.  I got better things to do than keep up with sports, like go skateboarding or go bail in my car.  That's how it all ended, my athletic career, by skateboarding.  Oh well, I still skate, and I don't see anyone still playing sports, so I guess I made a good move.

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