Slide Tackles

Cool Moves

Girls can't slide tackle, they just chop at your shins.

I haven't seen a slide tackle in years.  I wish I saw them on a daily basis.  I think the last time I saw one was when I played soccer.  It was the best move on the field.  You would get to trip someone and get the ball, two birds with one stone.  In middle school I was in the year book slide tackling someone, I think it was Dane.  This one time we were playing shirts versus skins during practice, I know, gross.  Well anyway, Ross Moreno kicked the ball into my chest from like ten feet away and it left a soccer ball print on my chest for a couple of days.  It was all red.  Soccer was awesome for slide tackles, you couldn't get in trouble.  It was the best in the rain, you could just slide for miles on end.  I once slide tackled this kid on NYA and missed the ball and took his ass out!  He laid in a ball for a while, once he uncoiled, he revealed that he was mentally challenged.  I think he had a mild case of down syndrome, they look weird.  To some up the story I slide tackled a retard.  I think people should slide tackle each other in day to day life.  For example, you're just walking down the street and this dude comes out from an alley and takes you out with a slide tackle.  It would suck, but it would be cool if you're handing out those slide tackles.

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