Telling Dirty Jokes

Cool Moves

Telling dirty jokes makes you so cool.  Billy Rowe and my dad are infamous for telling dirty jokes, it makes them pretty cool.  Whether you're at a social gathering or just shooting the shit, dirty jokes bring mad attention and pizzaz to the scene.  Some times they can get a little out of hand for some people, but if you don't take it personal it's the most fun you can get.  I enjoy the ones my dad tells me, he tells me at least one each time I see him.  Today he told me a bunch, one went a little like this.....
      There was this kid and he walked in on his parents in their bedroom and he saw mommy attacking daddy, so he bailed.  The next day the boy asked his momdukes why she was attacking daddy.  She responded by saying that daddy needs to lose a little weight and she was pushing it out of him.  The boy corrects his mom and says that it's not going to work because when she goes out the neighbor stops by and inflates him back up.....Oh!
My dad is adirty old man, and that what makes him cool, also the fact that he is out of his mind.  So if you want to be cool tell dirty jokes, and if you don't know any, I just gave you one to start with.

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