Titty Twisters

Cool Moves

Titty Twisters are so harrassing.  It's so sweet, unless you get one.  That sucks. I once got one years ago where I had gotten double teamed and I was pinned against a railing and twisted.  It was done for so long and so hard that I almost pissed my pants.  It sucked.  For a while in High School we always gave them and always had bruises on our tits.  If we were shirtless all the time people would think that we were the most deranged kids ever.  Unless they thought they were hickies, then they would think we were the hot shit.  I think Jeremy actually had some hickies on his chest back in the day.  We harrassed him until he put his shirt back on.  Matter of fact, not that long ago he had a hickie on his neck and Phil's parents called him on it.  He denied all accusations.  It was hilarious.

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