Cool Moves


Popping a wheelie is awesome!  I could never do them very good.  I know people that can pedal while they're doing a wheelie, I'm so jealous.  I once saw Mike Wilson try to pop one on his Ninja.... No dice.  The front wheel got like a couple of inches of the road, it was wicked weak.  However Chad Murillo can do those suckers like nothing.  One time I was driving behind him and he popped a big ass wheelie.  He didn't even know I was behind him, he just did one for the hell of it.  That's what I would do if I had a motorcycle, do wheelies all day long.  This other time back in the day I saw this dude do a wheelie on one of those Honda Gold Wings, or whatever, and rode one for half of Main St. in Freeport, it was rippin'. 

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