Slingshot Stupidity

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Back in my youth I had found a slingshot.  It was near my fort, okay "clubhouse", and it was just lying there, I think it was my neighbors  It was pretty nice too, it was aluminum and had nice rubber elastic tubing and a leather pouch thing where you put the rocks, marbles, whatever.  For a while it was used in innocence.  Just shooting trees or crappy things that no one cared about.  One day Ike was over and for some dumb reason we decided to shoot it at cars from the woods.  For a few cars we had a good time hitting the sides of cars, not thinking of consequence or the damage to the peoples cars.  We just wanted to see if we could hit the cars, how naive we are at 8 or 9.  Well, one car came up and we hit the car and the car hit the brakes super hard.  We paniced (panicked?) and fled.  I, in my stupidness, ran out of the woods and down the side of the road, Ike fled deeper into the woods.  The car turned around and went up my neighbors driveway and was redirected by my neighbor to my house.  I was hiding in my front field behind a rock as the dude talked to my dad on our where-abouts and I finally gave in and took the heat.  The rock hit right between the front and rear windows where his baby was strapped in.  The guy wanted to call the cops and somehow my dad talked him out of it.  But let me tell you, I didn't get out of punishment.  Because of this little incident I couldn't go to Aquaboggin with Sabo which I was looking forward to.  Boy did I learn my lesson, always run out of sight, not into it.