The Inter Sanctum


Cool Stories

   Back in the day we used to go around town and try to find cool things to do, always mischievious, but cool.  For a long time the thing to do was attempt to climb on every roof in Freeport.  There were many sketchy scenarios whilst trying to complete this mission.  The danger of falling and the danger of getting caught made it so cool.  The main concern for us was not to get caught, our safety was the last of all things to think about.  Somehow we found out that there was an "inter sanctum" at the LL Bean factory store.  I think we first found out about it by getting on the roof, that must be it, I really can't remember.  All I know is that our goal was to go down into the Inter Sanctum.
   So one night we decided to go down into the Inter Sanctum.  All the Mt. Ararat kids were in town and we got a few of them to come with us.  The ones who didn't go kept watch for Security or the Cops.  As we planned out the mission to go into the Inter Sanctum we somehow came to some assumption that we were going to have to face angry gorillas with red eyes, which you could only imagine were there to kill us all "Congo" style. 
   To get on the roof of the Factory Store roof you have to go through this labyrinth of an alley and then climb up onto this threshhold of a doorway.  It isn't very hard to do but it's a little crazy because you don't know if someone is already in there or is following you.  Either way there is no escape.  Once you get on the roof all you have to do is walk over to the latter that lowers you down to the Inter Sanctum.
   The latter that drops you down into the inter sanctum was quite beneficial, a little too beneficial, so we were very skeptical that it might be a booby trap.  It wasn't though.  The ones that went down, I have no idea who, I know Jeremy went down, myself, maybe Phil?  Hojo?  I think Big Top went down.  I can't remember, but we started to explore the zone of the Inter Sanctum and found that it was really muddy, and you had to walk on boards to keep clean.  It was completely dark and all you could see is this tree, that's where the Gorillas come from. 
   So for the short time we were down there we were waiting for the Gorillas to attack, they never did , and then we left.  The Inter Sanctum was nothing but a muddy 30x30 square centered in the heart of the building.  Since then I have only found one other inter sanctum, that was at the Brunswick High School.  That roof is much taller than the Factory's roof so getting down there would be difficult.  Plus there was a net, which I wanted to jump into, but if it didn't hold me I would be most dead.
   After we explored the Inter Sanctum the Cops showed up and questioned us.  As always we played dumb and they left.  It was really annoying because they left there spot light on and it blinded us the whole time so we had our hands over our eyes as they questioned us.  Stupid Cops, they can't touch us.